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High Arched Feet

Regardless of cause, the result is an imbalance in the footthat allows one muscle group to overpower another and slowlyinfluence foot architecture. Under this scenario, the foot is seenas being gradually pulled into cavus. The underlying cause maybe multifactorial, and the physician needs to conduct a thoroughmedical exam and history, biomechanical exam includinggait analysis, and motor function tests to determine the trueorigin and generate a treatment protocol. For flat foot type, stability and motion control shoes are the best. The shoe should have good mid-sole support. For high arched foot type, shoes that are flexible with good cushioning are recommended. For normal foot type, stability shoes are the best.

Furthermore, in taking care of your feet , you should also consider using the right pair of shoes for you and/or shoe inserts. In some cases, sweating of the foot maybe caused by inconvenience with the shoes that you are using depending on the type of foot you have Cushioned shoes are designed to provide balanced shock absorption without having to add extra stability mechanisms. These shoes help to influence the inward rotation motion of the feet Cushioned shoes are designed for people who have high arched feet This type of foot tends to not use its natural shock absorber.

The arch section of the foot is caused by tendons pulling on the foot, creating a raised section in the middle of the foot. It is not uncommon for these tendons to not pull exactly right, causing the arch to be lower or non-existent, a condition known as flat-footedness. Less common than flat-footedness is a condition known as “high arches” (pes cavus), in which the tendons pull the foot into having a raised section that is raised higher than normal. Toe Box – This is the front area where the toes rest. Choose a shoe with a roomy toe box, especially if you have hammertoes or crossover toe.

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Plantar fasciitis can be caused simply by wearing shoes that have bad support. This is especially true if you have very high arched feet. Obesity or pregnancy may also contribute to it, as can exercise that puts a tremendous amount of strain on the feet. Regardless of the cause, shoes that provide you with the necessary level of support are an essential form of treatment for most patients who need to resume normal functioning on a day to day basis. This will depend on what is causing the pain, if anything. Initially a careful investigation is needed to rule out any neurological condition is causing the high arched foot.

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Plantar fasciitis is a condition of the ligaments in the feet. If you are experiencing persistent pain in the arch of your foot, or sometimes the heel, you may be suffering from it. This is caused by inflammation in the connective tissue that runs throughout the arch of your foot and connects the toes to the heel. The pain is often worst in the morning, but lasts throughout the day. The pain may be most intense when you put strain on the arch of your foot. If you ignore the problem it can become a chronic medical condition that may even prevent you from functioning as a normal human being.

A flat foot (or foot with a very low arch) is characterized by having no visible arch shape and generally lays flat to the ground when the person is standing. The flattening of the arch indicates that the ligaments, tendons, and tissues in the foot are weaker and more flexible than normal. A normal arch (or neutral, medium, average arch) has a defined shape with a visible upward curve when a person is standing. The instep (the top of the foot , just above the arch) should appear to be a gradual slope without a pronounced bump. This is the most common arch and foot type.

Stretching the plantar fascia is simply one of the most effective ways to reduce pain and inflammation associated with plantar fasciitis. Reducing the tightness of the Achilles tendon and associated muscles generally helps to ease the pain in the heel or many people. This is due to the fact that the tightness of the Achilles tendon and calf muscles increases the tightness of the plantar fascia which results in inflammation and pain. A simple stretch one can use to reduce heel pain is to cross the affected foot across the other leg and hold on to their toes.

Zumba has been touted in the modern world among the best methods of losing weight or simply remaining fit. A combination of dance and aerobics performed to Latin music, Zumba has proven effective as a weight loss technique for many. When performing any exercise it is not only important to keep your comfort in mind, but also adopt suitable measures to prevent any kind of exercise related injuries. As such, choosing the right Zumba shoes is extremely important. The exercise requires you to perform several moves for which you should be wearing shoes that are comfortable and that allow you to perform these moves conveniently.

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